Roadway & Underdeck


The Parkway LED was designed with roadway safety and energy efficiency in mind- providing for evenly distributed lighting with maximum lumen output and minimal glare. Glare reduction and uniformity of light distribution are two factors in reducing high speed roadway accidents.

Model: SP-LED-72
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 72 Watts
Lumen Output: 9000 Lm
Certifications: UL 1598


Model: SP-LED-144
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 144 Watts
Lumen Output: 18000 Lm
Certifications: UL 1598


Model: SP-LED-288
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 288 Watts
Lumen Output: 28000 Lm
Certifications: UL 1598


T2 Type II Distribution
T3 Type III Distribution
PS Photoreceptacle Only
PST Twist-Lock Photocontrol  Assembly
PLY Polycarbonate Lens
FL Tempered Glass Flat Lens
ADJ Adjustable Knuckle Fitter


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  • Lumens: 7000- 28000Lm 72% 72%
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours 95% 95%

Lumens Per Watt (Lm/W)


The Parkway LED features a copper-free 443 alloy cast aluminum housing, fixed position slipfitter and hinged door frame. The door frame is secured with quick-release stainless steel latches. The wide, low profile housing reduces wind loading while providing sharp cut-off beam control for reduced glare roadway illumination. Optional adjustable knuckle slipfitter allows light distribution to be adjusted for optimum roadway illumination. All hardware is corrosion-resistant. All external hardware is stainless steel.


Lens is prismatic acrylic with Type III or Type V lighting distribution. Polycarbonate lens is available.


Mag-LED light engines utilize a built in lens photometry in an IP-66 rated system. The fixture is DLC and DOE approved, and UL-1598 listed for wet locations. The driver operates from 120-277 volt with an optional 0-10 volt dimming interface.


The standard 6″ long 2-inch pipe slipfitter secures the luminaire to a tenon arm using a clamp and two stainless steel hex bolts. Three additional stainless steel set screws allow adjusting for a 3-degree tilt to position the luminaire.


Standard finish is TGIC acrylic powder coat finish in MagniGray. Other colors are available from factory.

For Any HID Requests please contact factory.


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