Landscape Lite

The Landscape Lite LED is a rugged, compact, energy-efficient luminaire designed to enhance landscapes and building facades.

Model: TMR-LED-8
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 8 Watts
Certifications: UL 1598


Model: TMR-LED-10
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 10 Watts
Certifications: UL 1598


Model: TMR-LED-12
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Wattage: 12 Watts
Certifications: UL 1598
LV Cast Louvred Faceplate
SS Stainless Steel Faceplate
Opal Opal Glass Lens
PRM Prismatic Lens
WM Wireless Modem
DCN Data Connection Wire
RB Remote Power Supply
WH White LEDs
BL Blue LEDs
GR Green LEDs
MUL Multi-Color LEDs
F Fuse Assembly
DMX DMX 512 Controller
Smart SMART 485 Controller


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 The housing is cast from copper-free 443 alloy aluminum and features stainless steel hardware and watertight fittings. The integrally cast lugs allow the luminaire to be bolted to a concrete foundation to keep it firmly in position and to discourage vandalism. The luminaire is available in a choice of two designs: straight-up for the tree lighting and direct wall washing; 45 degrees fixed angle for the facade, sign, walkway, and shrub lighting. All hardware is stainless steel. Hold-down screws are sealed against moisture intrusion with viton o-rings. Housing is fully gasketed with extruded EPDM rubber. 


MagniFlood’s unparalleled light engine design is the best in the industry. Our engineers have developed a heat-dissipating technology that increases LED life dramatically. These engines can also be replaced without having to remove the luminaire. The luminaire is manufactured to meet the 1598 UL listing. All luminaires are pre-wired and factory tested. The LED engines operate from 120 volts to 265 volts (277 volts available on request). The engine concentrates its light onto a computer designed specular reflector to give an even distribution with full cut off.


The MR-16 lamp comes in wide and medium floods, and narrow spot distributions. Photometrics are available from the lamp manufacturer. Optional features include a cast louver and a sheet metal glare shield for more exacting beam control.