Easily enhance your landscaping or pathway with our line of architectural lights. Simply replace a brick in your walkway or stairs with one of our inconspicuous Brick Lites to give a path more visibility. Adding our Landscape Lite will add beauty, character, and safety to your home or facility; while still providing the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space. Our Bridgelite has been used to light up the Brooklyn Bridge as well as many other bridges surrounding Manhattan. If you want to add tasteful accent lighting to any structure, our line of Architectural Lights have the perfect options for you.

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Design Your Own Custom Bollard

Laser Cut

Our Laser Cutting services allow for a crisp, pin-point accurate recreation of any original design.

Sizing Options

Our bollards are available in a variety of sizes- with rectangular models that can be scaled to any size .

Fully Customizable

What are you looking for? Bollard Designs can be constructed from any Adobe Illustrator file- Send us your own!

Email your Vector Design file to: